Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mr. Autumn

Hello Mr. Autumn, you empty your pockets
In leaf-song and rain-song and splashes of sun
You are a piper; we dance in your shadow
Guile-less seduction of beauty and brawn

Oh Mr. Autumn, you tease us and please us
We almost forget who your successor is
Pumpkin-pie pleasure, apple-orchard treasure
Oh Mr. Autumn, how fine is your kiss

Dear Mr. Autumn, bronze arm ‘round our shoulders
Lest we’re distracted by noon’s brooding chill
You lure our gaze to the raiment of woodlands
We’re soon mesmerized by your vexatious thrill

Sweet Mr. Autumn, like kindness of strangers
You touch us and we don’t know what to say
While ever so deftly you run rampant fingers
Over our eyes before slipping away

© Janet Martin

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