Thursday, October 17, 2013

Like Moments in a Madrigal...

Time wends its way across the day
It tints the tress of tree and such
A staid discourse of subtle force
And suddenly I miss your touch

The chamber of an autumn noon
Expands the echo of your sigh
I wish that I could see you soon
And end these hollows of good-bye

How swift the hour shapes a year
And none its measure can foretell
But sometimes I wish you were here
Instead of in this long farewell

An ocean-worth of leaves can fall
Without a sound; they take their place
Like moments in a madrigal
Of wishing I could touch your face



  1. Beautiful, music and words...
    I hope your week is going better now.
    PS. Canyon disappeared again:(

  2. Oh dear! I hope he comes home soon. We had a stray kitty at our house for a little bit until a neighbor called to see if we have seen one. Maybe someone will recognize your dog...

    I had a great week in spite of adjusting plans.


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