Sunday, October 6, 2013

Leaves in the Rain...

Leaves in the rain sing a lonesome refrain
Deep in the darkness when daylight is done
Pitter-oh-patter, a somnolent splatter
Weeping for loves ones and hours long-gone

Leaves in the sun gleam gold; medallions
Whispering, giggling in merry melee
But leaves in the rain strum a mournful-sweet strain
Carol akin to love’s fond memory

Leaves in the wind are like eager children
Chattering, chattering without a care
But leaves in the rain play a tender refrain
Rising and falling into the night air…

© Janet Martin

Hubby was called in to work this weekend leaving me with a wee bit of unexpected blogging time!It's foggy and rainy outside today.

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  1. So beautiful expressions of leaves in different situations.


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