Monday, October 14, 2013

Hope and Thanksgiving Song

See how the light turns darkness into morning
See how the leaf falls from autumnal limb
Yet soon sweet springtime, in hope’s glad adorning
Unfurls bud-beauty in whispers of Him

See how life mingles finely, joy and sorrow
Uttered in tears; common voice of the soul
See moment-strength offer hope for tomorrow
See how God’s mercy embraces the whole

See how the power of love has no borders
See how no hand can abolish its prayer
Over the ocean to earth’s farthest corners
God intercedes; hope need never despair

Blessed assurance; from Eden’s beginning
See how I AM is forever the same
Man is a creature of pitiful sinning
Hope clings to Jesus who covers our shame

See how Time heals life’s deepest disappointments
And how earth's seasons return to the sod
Fills us with hope and thanksgiving to God

© Janet Martin

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada. (Today is the Canadian Thanksgiving.)

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