Tuesday, October 15, 2013

He and I

He stares to the distance
Dreams wrestle inside
Where I bear resistance
To time’s bully tide

He sees the languor
Of time’s sluggish stream
I sense the hunger
Of its swift requiem

He urges hours
To rush along fast
I cling to this moment
And wish it could last…

© Janet Martin

Yesterday Matt and I cleaned out the garden. I sensed a big difference in perspective, he always wondering what’s next, how long will this last, what’s for supper…me, completely content in the moment and wishing the day would slow down…


  1. Oh yes, so true.

    I just saw the family picture, what a beautiful family.
    Janet, you look like a movie star. I love your dress. All that hard work of shopping for the right gowns, etc. paid off - everyone looks great. And happy. :-)

  2. Sasha, you are so nice. We had a very happy day, and yes, all the shopping was worth it, everyone loved their clothes; I commented to Jim what a 'journey' it was to find the right dress. He laughed and said, you might call it a journey, I call it an expense!' It was funny:)


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