Monday, October 7, 2013

Garden Lullaby

The gardens are looking tired and sad and ready for bed...(after hearing the forecast on Saturday afternoon I realized we better quickly rescue what we can before dark!) I'm glad we did.

Go to sleep, dear garden
The leaf is in the sky
And every bloom has fallen
Into the by-and-by

Go to sleep, dear garden
May your repose be sweet
For soon your paths will beckon
To music of bare feet

Go to sleep, dear garden
Well-honest is your rest
You harbor hope and harvest
Beneath your umber crest

Slumber now, sweet garden
Where dreams and duty bled
You spilled your vibrant laughter
In green, orange, gold and red

So, go to sleep, dear garden
All tumbled and forlorn
Soon, soon you will awaken
To spring-time’s gladsome morn

© Janet Martin

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