Thursday, October 31, 2013

Even Now...

Even now while I miss
The sparkle of skylark-song
Tickling the ripple of rye-gold sea
Even now, outside my kitchen window
I delight in
The return of Red Poll and chick-a-Dee

Even now while I miss
Tangled bloom bouquets
Growing wild on the window-sill
Even now, every leaf
Lavishly garnishes
Hedge-row, hollow and hill

Even now, while I miss
The pool of morning-sun
Warming the waking earth
Even now, I am drawn to
The flicker of firelight
And family around home’s hearth

© Janet Martin

one more very personal stanza…

Even now, while I miss
My firstborn; her chatter
Spilling like a flower in full-bloom
Even now, I hear the laughter
Of her two younger sisters
Excited to each have their own bedroom

They quickly purged their room of the dresser which has been called many names (all unflattering). Suddenly my living-room is filled with over-flow;) Every mothering-instinct in me wants to go up and 'help', but they sound like they're having too much fun on their own so I'm making meat-loaf and scalloped potatoes for their supper...and as far as missing Emily goes. I have been at her house or she has been here or she has called every day since they're back:) I won't ask her, but I know she misses us a little...


  1. Sounds like good times!!
    Hmm I should make scallops and meatloaf soon:)

  2. you should see the mess up there! but yes, they are having good times:)

  3. I was the first to leave the nest, after getting married. I remember having mixed emotions, but it all sorted out in time :) I talked to mom on the phone a few times a day ~ we still talk at least one time a day :) I'm sure your daughters are missing their big sister, but enjoying their new room! I would want to be up there with them too... so sweet that they're working together ~ and I'm sure their giggles are like music to your ears :) Hugs!!

  4. yes, adjustments take time and we really are just a phone call apart. I remember when I got my own room and how much fun it was to decorate it with 'my' things':)Melissa and Victoria are having fun in spite of missing her. I hope we maintain a relationship like you and your mom:) Hug you back(())


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