Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Rainbow...

Autumn, what rainbow of harvest you shape
Red of the apple, gold squash, purple grape
Orange of carrot and plum dusty blue
Ruffled green parsley to season the stew

Into root cellars your plethora spills
Pumpkin, potato and squash-onion hills
Chartreuse of cabbage and remnant melee
Of peppers, tomatoes and mint-leaf for tea

Goodness and mercy in fall-fruits abound
Master-piece miracles spring from the ground
Autumn, what rainbow of harvest you bring
God, we thank Thee for its kind offering

© Janet Martin

I pulled out the last of the fresh peppers for supper. The  tomatoes froze on the deck, (I forgot to bring them in;( Soon, I can no longer skip the veggie department when I grocery shop, but we still have lots of fresh squash, carrots, potatoes, onions. I’m chopping and freezing the parsley today, as well as baking and freezing some of the squash so we can enjoy it until next fall…

right now, the first real snowfall of the season...suddenly I'm humming this song; Fall Softly, Snow

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