Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn Morning After Midnight Rain...

Midnight rain slumbers; a mantle on morn
Scarf of frothed jewels on frost-fingered corn
Summer sleeps somewhere beneath tumbled row
Of ghost-garden graveyards where sweet echoes blow

Whisper of wishes and worries subside
Soft is the raiment of midnight’s rain-tide
Seeping its sigh to the core of the soul
Willing our wants to a Higher Control

Ocean of moments are swept to the sky
Fallow and fortune, a wink of the eye
Here in the balance twixt morning and night
We join all nature in Time’s transient flight

Pendulums play out another swift hour
Autumn falls prey to its ethereal pow’r
But, in the still morning after midnight-rain
Mercy breathes courage to trust once again

© Janet Martin

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