Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn Is...

Autumn is coral on cobblestone morn
Acres of infantry posing as corn
Rosy cheeked apple with rosy cheeked child
Autumn is paint on a palette run wild

Bins filled with harvest and hearts filled with praise
Home and hearth kindled with banter and blaze
Autumn is full-moon on frost-feathered leaf
Complex alignment of comfort and grief

Autumn is pumpkin-pie-apple-crisp love
Faith’s aftermath slipping from summer’s glove
Autumn is moody and autumn is keen
Autumn is brandy poured over lime-green

Lovers find lanes lined with leafy repose
Dreams and death mingle like snow on a rose
Autumn is echoes of childhood on dusk
Wood-smoke entwined with wind-song blue and brusque

Autumn is farewell leaning on Time’s gate
Russet rebellion succumbing to fate
Autumn is sweater-warm hugs, cup of tea
Autumn is wishing you were here with me…

© Janet Martin

Today was everything autumn;
Pink sunrise,
Sun and cloud slide-show highlighting deep blue, gold and russet
Little boys with rosy cheeks
Munching rosy apples,
Hot tea,
Warmer sweaters,
Squash and corn chowder for supper with fresh apple crisp,
Family lingering in the kitchen by candlelight, (wishing for fire in the wood-stove)
Walking through leaves, watching farmers harvesting corn
And over it all a brooding wind tugging towels from the line, 
nipping our noses and stoking the 'missing you' in our hearts,
All the while reminding us ‘who’ is just around the corner!


  1. I just Love that panoramic vista outside your window....
    yesterday for me was shivering outdoors for an entire day at a soccer tournament....
    I think I am beginning to warm up now...


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