Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Isn’t it something
And isn’t it strange
How we learn to cope
And adapt to change?

Change of the weather
Of seasons and such
This is the constant
Of all that we touch

Beautiful life-song
Slips through our grasp
Tuning the echo
Of mem’ries we clasp

Isn’t it something,
The way we must learn
To love, laugh and labor
‘neath Time’s ‘no return’?

God, help us relinquish
Each gift You bestow
To touch, taste and treasure
And gently let go

© Janet Martin

I made too much coffee this morning, forgetting that Emily is not here to drink it.
Last night I paused for a split second, thinking I should keep something on for her supper, when she gets home from work…
Often, if Emily saw a basket of laundry that needed folding she would do it and put it away. Last night at 10:00, that basket looked at me.
Adjustments; they take time.


  1. :( This pinches the heart but well said it will take come time.

  2. Yes, there are so many little things that will take time, yet that is the way of time. It teaches us how to adapt.

  3. I got a tear...(maybe I should come help you drink some of that coffee!). Sometimes you don't think of the little things that we all do until they're not there! {{Hugs}} <3 xx

  4. :) You know you're welcome to come and drink coffee anytime. Amanda, I was so busy the last while I never really thought about the 'after' very much. Already though, I am seeing Melissa, Matt and Tor filling that gap...such is love, and Victoria is SO excited for Rob and Emily to come back so we can visit them! It's all good:)


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