Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wonderful, Wondrous Wonder


We repent and are forgiven
What a wondrous, glorious thing
There is just one way to Heaven
Through the lifeblood of a King

Not by works or gold and silver
Is His justice satisfied
But as we trust sin's Deliverer
Him; Jesus Christ crucified

Oh, what love and great compassion
Suffering so we may live
Once for all; infinite offering
When we ask Him He forgives

© Janet Martin

When my hubby asked what was so urgent as I stumbled out of bed and turned on the computer I tried to explain to him through choked emotion, how sometimes it awes me anew ‘we repent and He forgives’. There is no limit to the mercy of the Kings of kings and Lord of Lords; the One who shed His own blood so we may live.

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