Friday, March 29, 2013

Winter is Weary...

Skim lightly your laughter
Of cerulean blue
Over worn skin of winter’s avenue
Drape on the meadow
Waffled whispers of silk
Spill to the shadow
Your violet-breathed ilk
For winter is weary
And longs to be done
Relinquishing its dreary days
To the sun
Fallow and hollow and all things between
Yearn for fresh garments of floral and green
Skim lightly your filament
Over the earth
Teasing bud-jewels into blossom mirth
For winter is weary
Of its blustering
And longs for the cheery
Warm laughter of spring

© Janet Martin


  1. So nice, Janet. Winter is weary, as are we for the season of rebirth.

  2. :) Yes! ...and maybe winter is not quite as weary as we are...I hear there is snow in the forecast a few days from now:(

  3. A lovely bow to winter as it wanes.



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