Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Windowsill Maidens

…and there they were
Like robust children
On a rainy summer day
Noses pressed up to the window
Asking, ‘May we go out to play?’

Rosy smiles,
Eager ambivalence
Heaven-splendor lent to earth
Laughing to despondent passers
With exuberance and mirth

What of silver
Splatters falling?
What of landscapes glistening white?
They can hear their mother calling
From a garden out of sight

So, there they wait
Blithe, buxom beauties
In the winter sun they dream
Red geraniums in the window
Where icicles fringes gleam

© Janet Martin

There they were, inside the window at the local gas station! My 'beauties' are looking pretty anemic compared to these...Time for some Miracle-grow, I think!


  1. So beautiful, Janet, thank you for this! I love the icicles. Such a great contrast, a wonderful photograph.

  2. This poem has such beautiful imagery,so well written.

  3. Sasha, Lisa, Lucy, thank-you:)This town is approx. 5 mins. from our house so I drove home, got my camera and went back for a picture...it just warmed my heart to see these happy blooms! Thank-you to the person in Drayton who is sharing sweet red-geranium cheer:)


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