Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When a Poet Dies

When a poet dies
Even nature hangs its head
Mourning with earth’s fellow-men
For the artist that is dead

Honor-rendered beauty
Beneath his touch is still
No more are we delighted
By the nuance of his quill

When a poet dies
We cling to what remains
His heart spilled into images
And word-whispered refrains

Ah, when a poet dies
He leaves a legacy
Of tender, timeless portraits
Woven into poetry

© Janet Martin

A 'poetic-bloomer' has passed away. Our hearts, prayers and sympathies go to his family and loved ones.


  1. Janet, this is a very touching tribute to our friend Dyson. The heart in this piece is incredible. He will live on in his words. Thank you for this.

  2. Walt, thank-you for stopping by and for your words. there is sadness in the garden tonight as we mourn.

  3. A loving tribute to a wonderful poet, beautifully done Janet.


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