Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Sister's Say...


They say
‘I understand’ with nothing
But a glance
Meeting above
Our daughters’ heads

They say
‘I know’ with nothing
But a slow smile
Shared behind
Our husbands’ backs

They say
‘I care’ with nothing
But a prayer
Breathed behind
A tender tear

© Janet Martin

Thank-you Lucy. (I know this is a week early but there are no guarantees from day to day so I spill as it hits the quill;))

My daily dozen, thanks be to God could be multiplied over and over daily!


  1. Lisa, you are such a dear encourager in the poetry world and I mean it when I say, Thank-you:)

  2. Awww my dear sis, I am truely touched right through by this. Thank-you ever so much.It's a blessing to be your sister...Lucy.

  3. You are welcome:) It's been a sort of sentimental-thinking and puttering in the kitchen day.

  4. Thank you, Janet. I'm sending this to my sis. ; )


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