Monday, March 11, 2013

What is the Color of Lonely?


Tell me again, what color is lonely
Is it the tears dripping from down-cast sky
Where pewter lashes in glass-icy-splashes
Weep a melancholy March-rain lullaby?
…or is it the color of blue lyrics moaning
In dusk’s moody madrigal, solemn and slow?
Is it the raw re-wind of moments intoning
Vexation’s vortex in love’s ebbing flow?

Tell me again, what color is longing?
Dripping from rafters of moonless, midnight deep
Is it the tincture of trampled, tarnished day-dreams?
Or echoes that waken when I want to sleep?
The palette of longing, what pigments adorn it?
What is the complexion of hunger and grief?
The storm-stricken ocean, do its shades rest upon it?
Or in arabesque descent of fall’s ruddy leaf?

Tell me again, is the flip-side of loving
Kaleidoscope sparkles or opaque-tinted vaunt?
What is the color of second-mile proving?
What are the hues of impressions that taunt?
Thought conjures glimpses of vague apparition
Vainly I strain, but can never quite tell
What are the colors of missing you, darling?
Is it the shade of a bottomless well?

© Janet Martin

Earth holds a longing
only Heaven can heal~


  1. oh Janet, how enchanting, this, even if it is a bit dreary. but dreary poems are not bad poems; they are just as good as any other. i just love that final stanza, especially the first four lines. you have so much talent with words... x

  2. Hi Dana, it is a dreary poem written on a very dreary March day:) Thank-you so much for your visit and words.


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