Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trying to Explain a Mother's Love


It is sadness;
Rich and overflowing
And full of joy
But how can you know?
Until you pour out your love
Over and over and over
In preparation
Of letting go

It is gladness;
Burgeoning with
Breath’s fullest sorrow
And we did not know
How holding, scolding, and folding you
To our hearts
Would please and pain us so

It is perfect;
Equivalent measure
Of bitter and sweet
Fills our cup of joy
Nothing on the face of this earth
Can compete
With a mother’s love
For her precious girl or boy

It is forever:
Whether you are far away
Young or old
This we know
A mother's love
Rises above
The holding and letting go

© Janet Martin

...she wept as she told me of her her middle-aged son's suffering and how she must leave to be with him as he spends the last days with his dying wife.


  1. Beautiful indeed. so many facets to a Mother's love...when you get a chance please read the article I shared on FB last night...I think you'll like it too...(you don't have to though:)

  2. It really was lovely, thank-you:)

  3. here is the link for those who would like to read it...


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