Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

 On Gossiping...
She returns her pious dagger
To its sheath behind prim lips
Paying no attention
To heart-wounds she inflicts

 On Serving...
Someday the bells will toll for you or I
Will we with weary gladness leave this dirt
Laying our soiled and sullied tools aside
 Or will we leave with spotless, stiff-starched shirt

On Wisdom...
Choosing denial when wisdom shines clearer
Is like pulling in the belly to look in the mirror

 On Walking...
If we do not walk
Prayerfully and kindly
Then we simply stumble
Careless and blindly

 On Being a true disciple...
How do I shine my light for You
Dear, gracious Heavenly Father?
My child, if you would be faithful and true
Simply love one another

 On Temptation...
Warm and willing is the flesh
Cold and calloused is its curse

On Humility...
It is difficult
To overcome pride
If one’s thought-life
Begins with ‘I’

On Self-control...
It is pleasant
To indulge in a treat
And wise to remember
We are what we ‘eat’

© Janet Martin


  1. quite the thoughts!!and image...thanks for something to think about...:)I also like reading your daily isn't it?

  2. Thanks Lucy, most of these were mini-sermons to myself;) It is humbling to choose a 'daily dozen' too,isn't it? We never know what a day might bring. By the grace of God we go...thank-you for your encouragement today.

  3. I truly enjoy these bits of wisdom you share. I'm learning to forgive some gossipers, so I especially appreciate those words. I also wanted to mention that I was really moved, I dunno...a few weeks ago I think...when you posted something like: I shall not want, unless I take my eyes off Him. That is so good. I even told my husband about it because it shed light on this 'want' thing for me. God is using you Janet. Thank you :-)

  4. Jennifer, I am touched to tears...these are bits of mini-battles and sometimes it is intimidating to post these. I appreciate your encouragement more than you can know! Esp. today. A writer faces some crazy demons sometimes, don't we? God bless you.

  5. All so spirit filled. I had to chuckle On Wisdom...


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