Monday, March 4, 2013

Our God IS Sovereign

This is our God
Sovereign and sure
And none exceeds His power
By His promise
We will endure
In life’s most trying hour

This is our God
Immortal King
Father and Son and Spirit
Sustain-er in our
He kindly helps us bear it

This is our God
Lion and Lamb
Offering and Vindicator
Man of sorrows
The I AM
Heaven and earth’s Creator

This is our God
He parts the seas
No army over-throws Him
Of mysteries
And none can fully know Him

This is our God
Faithful, the One
This life is but a vapor
Before we bow
Before His throne
To dwell with Him forever

© Janet Martin

Yesterday afternoon we saw face to face the couple we prayed for .They shared the details of their flight from raw and real danger. They are safely at home, waiting on the Lord. Pray they can keep good courage as they face sudden new unknowns. As they shared they constantly reiterated that in spite of everything, no matter what happened and happens, God is Sovereign and to Him be the glory.

Last night we watched the first episode of The Bible and again God’s sovereignty impacted my heart. This is I AM, the Same yesterday, today and forever. The God of Abraham and Isaac is the God of you and I. hallelujah! This is our God!


  1. This poem screams to be turned into a worship hymn. It's like a modern Psalm. It's great!

  2. Thank-you Tim.I would love if it were turned into a song, but it won't be done by me;))


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