Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Truth about Women (an edited re-post)

We were watching
When suddenly I saw her
In my peripheral view
Watching the movie
Twixt chatter and knitting
Suddenly it hit me
She is growing up too

For one wink a girl
Then forever a woman
I study her profile
Her nose, her chin
Somewhere between breakfast
And warm hugs at bedtime
I tenderly wonder
When did ‘she’ begin?

She turns to look at me
The woman inside her
Is restless and eagerly
Waiting to bloom
She does not know
Of the urge rushing through me
To hold back the moments
The hours consume

Inside every girl
Is the bud of a woman
Time will unfold
Its intent willingly
Inside every woman
In spite of the ages
Is part of the girl
That she used to be

© Janet Martin

...a little sentimental, I know, but our 'baby' turned 12 on Saturday!

Poets United shines on Women today.


  1. Sentimental or not, this is a lovely write, Janet. I particularly like the way you point out what is inside every female at every age. Really nice contribution!

  2. Our girl is also twelve, and I feel the same way watching her. A truly beautiful poem.

  3. Oh twelve! My youngest turned twelve and three minutes later she was grown (too fast) and gone. Hold her close. Remind her she is a special gift, and to treasure herSelf. This is a very beautiful poem, Janet.

  4. Janet,

    I love these words and the images...My baby will be twenty-six this year and I fondly remember her early years. We share mum and daughter times, as often as possible:)


  5. Kim, thank-you and thank-you for the inspirational prompt. Can't wait to return and read...

    Sasha, It's SUCH a great age isn't it? :) Victoria is out with her older sister today. Emily will turn 21 at the beginning of June and I am learning, ever learning the joy and sorrow of we girls/women:)

  6. Sherry and Eileen , thank-you. Yes teach her to be true to herself and her Creator then everything else will be okay!

  7. Oh yes. This I see all the time. My girls growing, glimpses of the women they will be. And me, sometimes remembering the girl I was. Beautiful and worthy of reposting. My first time reading it.

  8. is the bud of a woman - very well expressed and lovely. Children grow up too fast, and i get old too quickly.

  9. ...ah, growing is one thing we youth are most excited about... and parents do hate to come... or maybe there are things both sides can't understand due to gap of age and experiences... i really like your poem here... really felt though quite sad... great offering... smiles...

  10. sentimentals good - where does that point come girl to woman?? - mine's 11 will be 12 in just a couple months ---

  11. This is a beautiful write. The sentiment is so sweet. And the language itself flows so smoothly.

  12. I don't find it overly sentimental at all, it has truth and love and pride within and that's perfect for a mum


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