Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sun-whispers...a Quatrain Cascade Poem

 (we are having our first serious sun-whispers of the season;)

I snitched the first stanza of a poem I wrote last night to try another Cascade poem. Poetic Bloomings is show-casing the cascade form today.

Sun-whispers softly grin
Where winds mutter, blue-cold 
And so this tug-of- war begins
Twixt gray and azure-gold

We long for the kind kiss
Of summer on our skin
And dusty lanes of bare-foot bliss
…sun-whispers softly grin

The dismal monotone
Of woodland's naked fold
Makes a body feel alone
Where winds mutter, blue-cold

Gold puddles warm the earth
Nudging the seed within
The womb of Mother’s nature’s girth
And so this tug-of-war begins

The firmaments declare
Winter is growing old
A duel provokes the air
Twixt gray and azure-gold

© Janet Martin

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