Monday, March 4, 2013

Something Softly Stealing...

The east is bathed in primal hints
Of something softly stealing
Across the ocean’s onyx glint
And midnight’s mystic ceiling

The past consumes each moment spent
The fount of future flowing
From vaults of mercy heaven-lent
To mortal touch bestowing

As on the brim where earth and sky
Meld in gold correlation
Midnight has laid its garment by
In morning celebration

Footsteps fatigued at dusk’s descent
Hearts heavy with care’s measure
Embrace life’s fervor once again
As mercy spills its pleasure

© Janet Martin

When I got up this morning the east was embellished with a gold and pink metallic sash, quickly dissolved in blue-gray wash so I used a photo from the archives.


  1. ah that mercy be ever pleased!
    like mercy showers are your hopes....)
    i bathe mine in them

  2. :) Thank-you Grace. Mercy...that awesome gift of compassion and love; sometimes its wonder washes over me and I bathe in its beauty:)


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