Sunday, March 3, 2013


 My 'Happy-place' is the corner of our living-room or The Poet's Den where I recently moved my ever-expanding poetry collection.

Poetic Bloomings invites us the share our 'happy place' today.

Soft surrender like no other
It’s a bit like coming home
To the arms of gentle mother
In the comfort of a poem

Timeless treasure tunes the silence
Promises from God to men
Murmur in the troubled darkness
As His whisper moves my pen

Ache of longing, fear of morrow
Flows in quiet tenderness
Melding pleasure, pain and sorrow
In this think-in-ink caress

Healer of heart-ache and hunger
Troubadour of sonnet-song
Passion, prayer and promise murmur
In the solace of a poem

© Janet Martin


  1. This is such a tender, moving poem.I love the closing line: "Passion,prayer and promise murmur in the solace of a poem." Beautiful!

  2. i like hearing about (and sometimes seeing!) where other poets do their work or let their creativity flow. i'm glad your happy place is this. x


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