Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On the First Day of Spring

Like eager school-girls we search your pockets
Tugging at frost-linings looking for gold
But sun-warmth remains sealed in a sullen steel locket
On your astral chest; moody-blue and cold

Yet we know beneath your stern, blustered facade
You are a jovial, generous old man
And soon you will tender your coat to the sod
While sun-beams caress you with kisses of tan

You march to an Hierarchy we cannot control
When you arrive or at last when you go
But Mother Nature kindly consoles
With visions of violets beneath the snow

On the first day of spring we all are children
Dancing on daydreams of freshly-tuned mirth
Of merry-green meadow and daffodil garden
Chuckling somewhere beneath snow-weary girth

On the first day of spring hope dons a grand garment
Of emerald, azure, blush-pink and gold
As we gaze beyond earth’s colorless raiment
Waiting for her flower-fabric to unfold

© Janet Martin 

What today REALLY looks daffodils yet:)


  1. Great pic of the snow plow:), I was waiting for you first day of spring thoughts...thanks.

  2. a-w-w Lucy. You are SO sweet:) I just made a few corrections...crazy how a proof-read can still miss them! Just got off the phone with Jim. He traveled with another trucker to Wisconsin, picked up his truck yesterday and already this morning he needs Glen's # because of more trouble!


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