Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Comfort and True Fasting


Who lives forever, holy King
Yet also dwells, not with the proud
But with the contrite suffering

From mourning lips I will draw praise
Your sinful greed and evil ways”

There is no peace” Holy God says
“For wicked hearts consumed with lust
They cast up mire from the waves
And revel in earth’s stricken dust

Is this the fast that I enforce?
And lie in ashes of remorse
Then return to his vile vomit?

To set the bound and oppressed free
To clothe the poor and share with those
Who hunger in their poverty?”

“Come” says the high and lofty one
As your night shines like noon-day’s sun
Hope’s garden watered with love’s deeds

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful. Happy Easter to you and your family Janet!

  2. Thank-you. Happy Easter to you and yours as well.


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