Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Of Sky and Relevance

The sky unfolds and folds again
The dark and light declares
Today’s beginning and its end
On century-woven stairs
Where sun and moon’s circuits attune
To Eden’s grand design
As year on year tallies this sphere
In ether-span of Time

Look up; the cloud, tumbled, serene
The vault of azure sweep
By day a cerulean sheen
By night an onyx deep
Throne of the moon and star-froth swoon
Of unnamed galaxies
Where ‘neath its sun we laugh and run
Shaping Time’s centuries

Look up; someday this boundless scope
Will fill with trumpet sound
As we behold man’s Living Hope
From temporal, trembling ground
For now its spreads above our heads
But then, a mighty roar
And Time will be no more

© Janet Martin

It is nigh impossible to imagine the sky on That Day

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