Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Of Half-breaths and Hope

Though apathetically we crowd You out
Choosing the dread of what we cannot see
Vainly embellishing each half-breath doubt
With hope that is not hope outside of Thee
And though in cold and blatant disregard
We turn to broken foibles of our lust
When disappoint plays another card
While we disdain the One we ought to trust
Still from the throne of grace Your mercy pleas
On the behalf of our iniquities

Oh Lord, my God how long will you contend
And still remember we who soon forget?
We drink from cups of blessing that you send
And yet despise its rivers on our head
Pride, shame and our inherent enmity
Would seal our doom; but wait, Love will prevail
For Time and man cannot annul the Tree
Where you became redemption’s sacred grail
Spilling, willing Your life-blood once for all
To save us from the curse of Adam’s fall

You do not bar the dawn from eastern brink
Another day of grace kindly implores
As night surrenders to soft-whispered pink
One half-breath from Your everlasting shores
We inhale, exhale; gossamer, the thread
Twixt now and unfathomed eternity
Oh Lord my God, how utter were death’s dread
But for the Offering that sets us free
Conquering death; this Hope abides, oh God
As one half-breath transports us from this sod

© Janet Martin

 For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more." Heb. 8:12


  1. Absolutely, absolutely, one of the most beautiful poems/songs/prayers/praises that I have ever read and one that I will long renew my mind on.

  2. Thank-you TUG, and God bless you as by His grace we go!


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