Saturday, March 23, 2013

Of Footprints and Sun-sparkles

The dawn has stretched its panoramic veil
In wordless rhapsody from east to west
While yesterday, a footprint in life’s trail
Points one day nearer to our ageless rest
But now the beckoning of hope and love
Rolls out its moment-carpet from above

We tread its thoroughfare, oft thoughtlessly
The miles that draw us up then down again
Are transient as sun-sparkles on a sea
Where dusk begins to lean from ether-plain
To brush another foot-print to a shore
Where we can never tread it anymore

Darling, love is a whisper intertwined
In fingertips, in lips and heart and mind
Though Time may steal flesh bodies from our touch
It cannot rob love’s essence from our clutch
A gossamer and silken undertow
Of echoes where the flaxen lilies blow

Today a corridor of fresh unknowns
Invites us to live, love and laugh once more
Across its shimmered breadth of sticks and stones
We dream and dance, life’s homely joys implore
Beseeching and admonishing, for we
Draw ever closer to eternity

© Janet Martin

Nine years ago my Grandma Martin passed away but her voice and her laughter remain. We ALL miss you, Lizzie.

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