Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Of Disappointment and Destinies

Disappointment is not a destination
But sets out its stepping-stones
To refine, strengthen, condition
The unknowns becoming known

Disappointment is a teacher
And though reluctant we may be
We will ever be her student
Learning her humility

Disappointment is a shadow
Not a wall; it will pass by
As its bittersweet life-lessons
Tune the heart and keen the eye

Disappointment; tough task-master
But when all is said and done
She will make us kinder, wiser
Teaching appreciation

© Janet Martin


  1. Really well done! I particularly like the second stanza.

  2. Mama Zen, thank-you.

    Mosk, it seems sometimes life hands us ample opportunity to view its perspective from every angle;I have to admit, I'm tiring of the view and re-adjusting my brain;)but I am not the boss.Cheers, and thank-you.

    p.s.God's in His Heaven, all's right with the world
    Robert Browning
    English poet (1812 - 1889)

  3. As always you lift my spirits, Janet :-) I just failed my first driving test, made a stupid mistake, so I'm really disappointed with myself right now, but feel better after reading your poem!

  4. a-a-aw! Hugs(()). But, in the words of many before me, 'this too shall pass.' Thank-you for being encouraged and for sharing.


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