Monday, March 11, 2013

Of Demons and Conquerors


When failure unleashes demonic persuasion
Clenching and quenching the song in the heart
When hope is tormented by cold accusation
Dredging the deeps for despair’s cruelest dart
When fumbles long-buried and almost forgotten
In one half-breath memory are keenly exhumed
When stumbles and tumbles of regret-to-wisdom
Startle and threaten to crush grace with gloom
When laughter is snuffed by a pitiless glove
We cling to one Truth; God is love, God is love

When cruelty slaughters while hearts remain beating
When longing rends eons while hope gently yearns
And we bear pain’s witness of moment-tears bleeding
Into secured fathoms where not one returns
Still, in this valley of onyx oppression
Light is not quelled; if we hunger and thirst
There is a Solace within dark depression
Conquering legions of enmity cursed
We turn to His pages; peace descends like a dove
Faithful through the ages; God is love, God is love

When we plead for mustard-seed faith and forgiveness
And turning the other cheek fills our mouths with dust
When daggers of insult repay our kindness
Still there is One in whose Word we can trust
He will not falter; His Truth is enduring
What He has promised no one can abate
Goodness and mercy, like glad light of morning
Cannot be conquered by sin-sabers of hate
Tender refrains stream from portals above
Kissing our tear-stains; God is love, God is love

© Janet Martin


  1. Wow, Janet. This is so amazing. I was so moved and encouraged. Do you ever read your poetry at church? I think you would rock their socks.

  2. :) Thank-you. Mostly,at this point I simply blog.


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