Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Of Cups Over-flowing and Heart-strings

 (I wept(happily, sadly) through this whole scene!
My girls and I are now in the middle of watching season 3 on DVDs we borrowed from a friend)

Mom, will you be happy or sad when we get married? my son asked me this morning while the rest of the house was still asleep and he was getting ready for school…I will be...pause, both equally, I said, because…

There are two cups
In a mother’s heart
One for gladness
And one for grief
Even now they brim equally
Spilling and filling
In the same breath
And my dear boy,
A mother’s joy
Is such a strange, mysterious thing
We teach you to move forward
But there seems to be a string
That tugs within her heart of hearts
As the future becomes past
Because Time is a swift-winged creature
Always flying way too fast
And every now and then I miss
The way you once looked up to me
Where now you lean to place a kiss
Upon my tender reverie
Yet, I am learning to be glad
While cradling love’s mysterious pain
Of being so profoundly sad
At what will never pass again...

© Janet Martin

...because when one becomes a groom or bride
she must sever, at least in part
the strings entwined deep inside
the core of a mother's heart.


  1. I MUST watch this asap!!!hmmm Les might need B-day ideas...:))

  2. You won't be sorry! He might like it too. He has more patience than Jim for some things like that.I don't know where the Shantz' Grandma got it for them, but I could find out or get one of your girls to FB Hanika.


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