Monday, March 11, 2013

Mother's Prayer While Waving Good-bye

Pray the Lord to guide our loved ones
He alone beholds each step
To be anxious about nothing
Means to leave them in His grip

Pray the Lord to bless and keep them
This old world is fraught with snares
But the Father loves His children
None escapes His tender care

Pray the Lord to watch above them
And surround them with His arms
Pray we rest upon His shoulder
Relinquishing fear's alarms

Pray the Lord to cheer their journey
And they do not strive in vain
Pray the Lord, if He is willing
That they all come home again

© Janet Martin

A Mother grows strong in waving, and warning, wondering and worrying...oops no, I mean PRAYING:)


  1. I hear that strong mother's heart beating..........once we have kids, our hearts are out there walking around in other peoples' bodies, it seems.........praying certainly helps!

  2. I truly believe it does! I like the way you describe it, as only a mother could, ah the beautiful pain of motherhood;) thank-you for your thoughts.


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