Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The mien that smoothly, softly crept
Across our childhood while we slept
Is the same tenure that still binds
Life’s timbre deep within our minds
And sometimes when the night is still
Or when dawn spreads across the hill
I sense a tug intense, obscure
I cannot bear yet must endure
With a brave smile upon my face
As I gaze on the resting place
Of moments as they gently swirl
The gossamer of laughing girl
And where she danced on springtime’s green
A woman stands where she had been


I have not heard this song in years but this morning it popped in my head as I awoke!


  1. Love this Janet. The last line takes my breath away. So nice!

  2. Lisa, thank-you so much. I am in a transition-stage of life in some ways and these moments seem to be so subtle in their doing:)


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