Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love Song to the One True God

Holy, Holy, Holy
The love of our God
Spreads out before man’s ruptured gaze
His glory on earth’s sod
The ordinance of seasons
Unfolds His evidence
We cannot haste His reason
Or toss His purpose thence

Holy, holy, holy
He holds the stars in space
And flings from muted canopy
Another day of grace
In spite of our transgression
And passive platitude
He binds us with compassion
As darkness is subdued

Holy, holy, holy
This is the love of He
Who bathes us in redemption
Where our guilt ought to be
With holy tears of pardon
And holy drops of blood
With holiest submission
He bore the will of God

Holy, holy, holy
We cannot pick and choose
Which part of Him we will adore
Or which part to refuse
His power transcends perception
His Deity our trust
Ruler of earth and Heaven
With judgment pure and just

Holy, holy, holy
We cannot disunite
His glory from His goodness
His Lordship from His Light
He will not be defeated
Nor held behind a stone
And none but He is seated
In Heaven on His throne

Holy, holy, holy
His praise will never end
The Alpha and Omega God
Our Savior, Father, Friend
For He IS holy, holy
…our hope, alive and well
And this is He who sets us free
From fear of death and hell

© Janet Martin


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