Thursday, March 21, 2013

Invisible Rain

You weave through my senses
Teasing my defenses
You swivel and swirl like a leaf on the breeze
You croon in my being
Where my mind’s eye is seeing
The aura of your possibilities

You plead from the tresses
Of whispered caresses
Dangling your charm twixt dull duty and dream
As my best intention
Offers no intervention
Where vowels and consonants glimmer and gleam

You press on thought-levee
Your presence grows heavy
And I cannot bear the duress of your want
Drenching my vision
Without inhibition
Merciless now, you torment, tease and taunt

You ache in raw passion  
You break through horizons
Where purpose and pleasure consummate fear’s pain
As thought spills in ink
You pour and I drink
Words water the air in invisible rain

You hold the power
To bring into flower
The bashful, the brazen, the broken and bent
As you weave your will
From thought into quill
Spilling into poetry; your want is content

© Janet Martin


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