Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Indigo Awning Blues

The indigo awning of spring’s tardy dawning
Hovers somewhere beyond this placid girth
Where anemic pallor and winter-wind valor
Meander tunelessly over the earth

The keen expectation of sun-spun elation
Is not enough to fling gray clouds awry
But over the pasture drifts lackluster laughter
Of winter’s indolence from spiritless sky

We stoke the fire while somewhere a choir
Of snow-feather angels releases their throng
Indigo awning of spring’s tardy dawning
Hovers somewhere above its cheerless song

© Janet Martin

Yes, it’s snowing again…but now we are at a point in the season where we know it won’t be long…


  1. Oh, those last snowfalls. But have hope! Spring is on its way! Love this poem, which captures the blue tones of late winter so well.

  2. A fantastic write Janet. And where you live looks gorgeous in the photos you post--snow, rain or shine.

  3. I love your "lackluster laughter". :)

  4. Sherry thank-you. Yes! Spring is on the way and your words bring warmth to a day where the sun does not!

    PL. We do live in a nice place;) but I'm tired and long for, instead of white, green grace.

    TUG, we seem to be on a 'lackluster stretch' but your ever-kind words bring a special luster to the bleakness! Thank-you


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