Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Thoughts


It’s Friday
And with the laundry
We fold another week
To our breast
Where soon its cup of
Laughter, loving
And trifling toil will rest

It’s Friday
Another week of memories
Gathers where
We linger to finger
Its brush-strokes on the air
Knowing in our heart
Rests living’s most priceless art

It’s Friday
And the beauty
Of what was, rivals
With the hope
Of what is to be
Before another Friday comes
To take its place
In history

© Janet Martin

Good or bad
Happy or sad
Soon this day will be
A memory

I'm writing this midst chatting with my older two daughters as we wake up over coffee (a sweet moment because we almost never get up at the same time:)

...also, here's to hoping today’s memories will include the kids helping me clean;)) We’ve all had lots of fun this March break week, now it’s time for some good, down-to-earth living.OXOX.

Dear hubby, someday these past few weeks will be nothing but ‘in those years when I had that truck…It’s been a truck/year of high frustration and financial strain for him and the company he works for!


Thank you for your visit to this porch. Any thoughts you would like to share?