Monday, March 25, 2013


Dawn drips its radiant runway from the deep
Returning color to the silhouettes
Etched in still-life above the gleaming sweep
Of opportunity over regrets
And from the ridge above earth’s minute trace
Where galaxies unfathomed coalesce
Beneath the visage of a Father’s grace
Dawn’s lends its kind, compassionate caress

Then cast aside those mantles of despair
And close the lips of cold, thankless complaint
The God who tends to sparrows of the air
Surely cares for the feeble and the faint
The diadem of morning’s gladdened mirth
Breaks through the veil of darkened somnolence
To clothe the ramparts of heaven and earth
In shadows of divine-breathed radiance

The dawning of a virgin day unfolds
Pray what will be the bloom in its embrace
Before west-seraphim of gilded gold
Will tuck its scattered petals into place
The dawning of a new day gently spills
Against the girth of somber, slumb’ring sod
Rosy resplendent ripples ‘cross the hills
In mercy-beams to us from gracious God

© Janet Martin


  1. You make me wish I were more poetic. This is a beautiful poem.


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