Sunday, March 3, 2013


When ya’ got the chicken-pox
You can’t be wearin’ shoes or socks
‘cause chicken pox got no respect
But perch on feet-soles, scalp and neck
And every crease, cranny of skin
That they can manage to squeeze in

When chicken-pox make a house-call
They are not courteous at all
We don’t see them till they hatch
And all we want to do is scratch
But mother says that we must not
Oh, how I hate the chicken-pox

'Bring me a swab of calamine,
A drink, a bath of oatmeal-grime'
How sweet and happy life will be
When I get past this misery
Of burning, itching agony
And chicken-pox melancholy

© Janet Martin

She prefers to be living in an oatmeal-bath these days;)
"Victoria; in the words of my mother, 'this too shall pass'. "
At least they will be better by Saturday, her 12th birthday!


  1. Oh, poor girl! I was a bit younger when I had it, but old enough to remember the misery.. Hang in there!

  2. Thank-you Sasha, she was exposed to them so often and did not get them and then suddenly out of the blue...walla! We just finished making donuts on Wed. when she said she doesn't feel very well so she laid down. At bedtime we noticed a few spots and by Thurs, morning we were sure it's chicken-pox, but yesterday and today they are coming in full fury! I will pass on your good wishes. When I read the poem to her she laughed and cried and said its exactly right. Poor girl. I wish I could chase them away, but each of us learns to appreciate what we take for granted until we suffer.

  3. Janet, isn't that so true concerning your last comment, "Each of us learn to appreciate what we take for granted until we suffer." It is so surprising how we look at routine as special after going through such an ordeal! I hope that Sasha gets better soon! Take care my friend! August

  4. Thank-you August. Just recently my son commented on how when we have a a cold or something all we want is to feel better, then, when we feel better we forget what we wanted and turn to other 'wants'. I think of his words if ever I'm tempted to 'want'.

  5. That's so funny. I could see that as a children's book.


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