Friday, March 15, 2013

Beyond Horizons~

There are no horizons in love, my dear
Though moments tumble from Time’s finger-tips
Teasing an hour into a day, then a year
I yearn only for you; your lips
Plead to me across miles beyond
These walls where staid clocks mark
The narrowing span of what is to come
Darling, I reach for you in the dark

The passage from before-to-after us
Pulses with mortal hellos and good-byes
And though Heaven waits beyond this dust
I’ve seen its shadow in your eyes
When I close mine and you are there
And I am here; it is enough
Thought transports us to places where
We touch; this is the way of love

You whisper to me without words, I hear
In the moan of midnight's deep
A love song written for us, my dear
Strummed on the air where willow-winds weep
And longing would be a violent grief
But for the knowing of mutual pain
And I lament not but cling to the belief
That somehow, somewhere we will meet again

© Janet~

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