Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arabesque Allure

Boldly you stare
Silver, like air
And lure me with
Beguiling grin
Ghostly you gloat
And like a fur coat
You beg me to slip in
To you, and do
Those things you ask
But this is not
Some plebeian task
That you dangle
You preen the bait
Sweet spangles
Tempting me to taste
And yield
But I embrace
The gift of grace
And hold it high
My sword and shield
For it protects me
From your charm
And guides me gently
On His arm
Leading me in
Each step I take
For you
Bad, sad habit
Are hard to break

© Janet Martin

Sometimes I still am tempted to stay up half the night 
and write, 
but it is a habit I have tried to break 
so I can be a nicer person during the day!;))
Tonight words whisper in my head
But I will…oh I will…
Go to bed.

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