Friday, March 2, 2012

Yesterday's Girl

Don’t go, not yet, I’ll miss you so much
Don’t go: Oh why are you in such a rush
Don’t go; the music insists that we dance
Don’t go; I beg of you one second chance

Please stay; I reach to restrain your feet
Please stay; for the hour is tender and sweet
Please stay; but you turn with a skip and a twirl
I wave farewell to yesterday’s girl



  1. They do go before we are ready, or at least in my case a second generation is doing it right now. Well captured feeling I've felt. The photograph really adds with it's fleeting bubbles and I love the title. Personally I find titles hard.

  2. Janet, this poem tugs at my heart strings. I now look at my little 2 year old nephew and see my Will and Abby when they were that age and I miss that time more than I can say. What you have written makes me think that we must treasure today and not take it for granted for it too will soon pass. Thank you for writing this. August Thurmer

  3. Beautiful, Janet. I think many parents feel this way about their children; and I feel this way about my grandchildren. They grow up soooo fast.

  4. Victoria, August, Mary, thank-you. Yes, time is a fellow with nimble feet:)
    Victoria,thank-you for mentioning the photo and seeing my thoughts:)
    I find titles very hard too. If ever I get serious about writing I know my titles need work!

  5. Love this all, but I am sure you know that...That photo is perfect:)
    I wrote something similar when Sommer was a baby,maybe I will post it. This scheme seems to be the one I write in ....(when I do:))

  6. As a Mama I cried, as a poet I agreed and as a reader I just was awed.

  7. This is beautiful Janet! A message that resonates from every mother's heart. :-)


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