Monday, March 19, 2012


Sometimes I wonder
as I pray for another
And pour out to God my plea
Sometimes I wonder
if there is another
perhaps somewhere
praying for me?

Sometimes I wonder
as I lay out my sorrows
where God alone can see
and I pray them up yonder
oh, sometimes I wonder
Does anyone pray for me?



  1. Beautiful Janet
    Your words are so tender and touching
    I ll pray for you

  2. Janet, this poem brought a gulp to my throat. I hadn't thought of this, but now that I think of it I wonder if anyone prays for me too. Kind of a sad thought. So I hear you on this one....and I, too, will pray for you today.

  3. Mary and Ella, THANK_YOU! I'll pray for you too, as I have, but this is a reminder to do it more faithfully. I was sitting here last night and praying for others yet feeling like there is so MUCH weighing me down. The thought that there are prayers out there on one's behalf literally makes a world of difference and all I can meekly say is thank-you from the bottom of my heart:)

    God bless you both today.

  4. I do think it is a powerful thought if one knows that someone is praying for you. I have thought a lot about prayer in recent months, questioning it sometime and wondering Who hears. I thank you for your prayers too!

  5. Thank-you Mary,
    It really is a powerful thought to know others pray for us and it HAS to mean something if we do it, right?, and as soon as I begin to question one thing it leads me then to question the very core of all existence and then I can simply give it back to the One who I know I believe and ask that He waters my faith to grow into a mustard seed.
    I believe in questioning, but I don't believe I will ever understand all the answers. Sometimes I think that I unintentionally assume that God's ultimate concern ought to be my happiness when it occurred to me one day that he is most likely far more concerned about my holiness, and the 'happiness' that comes from fully trusting Him even when I don't have a clue as to why! Oh, I wish it was as easily done as it is thought!
    Mary, I appreciate your constant encouragement,
    Thank-you again,

  6. I had a group pray for me once it really fills your heart and calms your nerves.
    Thank you Janet, you are so sweet


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