Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winter's Farewell Tear

They fall tonight, like desperate tears
A pleading dance of woe 
Until the violet disappears
'neath frazzled flakes of snow
And all the verdure of first spring
Is blanketed in white
As winter, with a final fling
Muffles the countryside

The tender face of new-born leaf  
Shivers upon the limb
As overtures of winter grief
Falls on kind ears of spring
‘Be gone, ye fretting tide of chill
Each season hath its day
And though I bid to thee no ill
I cannot bid thee stay’

They fall tonight, the frozen tears
Of unrequited love
For none can halt the flow of years
That rolls from ports above
Beneath the snow the violet sleeps
At dawn the sun will smile
And melt the coat that winter weeps
Upon springs emerald isle

© Janet Martin

Winter made a desperate attempt to return last night,
Only to melt away in the morning sun


  1. We had some wonderful spring-summer days. Now we are back into the grey chilly doldrums. I do hope cold and chill will permanently retreat for all of us VERY soon.

  2. This post makes me long for snow...especially since we didn't get any here this year!!


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