Tuesday, March 6, 2012

White Moon Night

The moon is white, it’s half-shut eye
Discharges twilight’s deepened sigh
As incandescent radiance flows  
Across nature’s frigid repose

The beauty of fair summer’s hour
Lies muted in an unborn flower
Its hope which trembles in our breast
Inspires both labor and rest

In rigid stance the raven pine
Enhances the horizon-line
A still-life sketched against the hue
Of moonlight’s argent avenue

We lay aside our humble toil
To scan the tides of moonlit spoil
The grandeur of an ocean stirred
Sweeps our souls without a word

© Janet Martin

I opened my mouth to tell them to look at the beautiful white night…
Then I shut it. Someday they will discover its wonder for the first time,
And marvel at the miracle of it all…


  1. Oh, you should have said...as sometimes I think it is helpful to be taught how to see beauty. I loved the last verse, Janet.

  2. Yes, I likely should have said...although I also believe you can lead them to it, but you cannot make them 'see'! They are quite accustomed to mom's 'oh, just look at the way the....' My son Matt told me as we were driving to his hockey game one day and I was o-o-o-hing and a-a-a-hing over the way the snow hung on the cedar grove...etc,he said, mom, you seem to see something beautiful no matter where you go'. we laughed.
    I refrained from saying something last night on the way home as the moon flooded the landscape because on the way out I could hardly keep my eyes on the road, the sun was setting in glorious originality! and the kids were saying M-o-o-m! the sun has set before:))
    I appreciate your encouragement to mention it...yes,I will continue to mention it! at least for that moment my teen-age daughters need to take their eyes off of their phones and stop texting...but THAT is a whole 'nother topic for a whole 'nother poem

  3. Don't stop noticing these things and pointing them out - yes, there is beauty in everything, our challenge is to find it.


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