Monday, March 19, 2012

When You Feel Like Quitting...

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When you feel like quitting
If you think it will improve things
It won’t
There is only one way to succeed
Keep on keeping on and never heed
The voice that tells you ‘this is it’
And ‘I think that you should quit’

So if you feel like quitting
Fight back using words like
No hill lasts forever; but it cannot be climbed
By anything more than one step at a time
He cannot win, who decides this is it
So begin again, but don’t quit

When you feel like quitting
Sweet victory lies in the
Anything worth having is worth the fight
So dig in and give it your utter-might
Shut out the voice that wearies the won’t
And if you want to quit,
…well, don’t

© Janet Martin

I'm giving myself the advice tonight, that I freely hand the kids:)

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