Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unfolding Drama

A drama unfolds
outside my window
Unscripted scene
of inherent bliss
Its gestures are subtle,
its sources quite hidden
yet its delivery
is wild and intense
It rustles through hallways
where nobody follows
save for the breeze
dangling in mid-air
I reach out my hand
but the translucent actors
just keep on singing
without a care
Vaguely I recall
previous imitations
but never have I seen it
quite like this
I let it carry me
without hesitation
It drives my woes
to the sky’s emptiness
What is this ravaging, wonderful thing?
Ah yes, I’ve heard tell…
…they call it Spring

© Janet Martin~


  1. You didn't have to wait long for the inspiration! Wonderful poem.
    I miss seasons. We had no winter, and we kind of almost skipped spring, and went straight to summer over here, in MD, the temperatures are so high. It's not humid though (yet)- thank goodness! So, I guess it's spring...

  2. I certainly would miss the seasons too. There's something about the way we mark time when we have seasons, isn't there. I hope you don't get too blasting hot way too soon. Lots of people head south here for March break. this year the south came to us!

  3. Although I woke to snow this morning, spring truly is around the corner. Your reminder is lovely. This is a great contribution to the wordle this week. Thank you for your gentle voice, Janet.

  4. Spring is my favorite time of year (minus the pollen). This is beautiful, Janet.

  5. I really do like this poem, Janet, its positive, uplifting attitude.

  6. Such fun, Janet. you must have smiled as you wrote.

    Like Sasha, we had no winter and spring happened in a week. Not normal for Georgia, which does the four seasons as does her state. I feel cheated!

  7. This must be something going around ... even way far north we're not getting much of a winter this year ... extremely odd. Hey Janet, do I detect just the slightest bit of free verse here? Nicely done.

  8. Everything has bloomed so early here in southeastern Pennsylvania. My forsythias are now in full bloom - happy to say even the little transplants from last year have made it so now I have yellow bursts on both sides of my yard. Lovely spring wordle!


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