Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's Discoveries...

When you toss grape soda into the sun
It falls in amethyst rain

It is hard to be blue
in the midst of purple-grape giggling girly mustaches.

God smiles in little girls…and sisters.

The night is larger, its hollow deeper

Ocean waves may wash my soul, but never memories.
Ten fingers entwined are not hopeless wishes
But hopeful prayers

At midnight I paused on the edge of the day that was…
And the brink of what is.

It takes no extra effort
At all
To be

A life-time happens but once, in moments.
So do it right…in moments.


Inspired by Tor's Birthday Party...and other moments


  1. Very Nice!!!!It sure was the kind of day that if tried to plan would never have worked, but left "to happen" turned out great!!!!
    ~ Lucy.


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