Monday, March 19, 2012

To those north of the sunny south...

Kind Sir, you’re mistaken
We're not really taken
By your candid blue gaze and your brawny-bold stance
But if you insist
We will not resist
The lure of your passion and thoughts of romance
Oh, we’ll let you woo us
And pretend to love us
While we also pretend to fall for your smile
Your laughter entices
Fool-hardy sacrifices
Yet we are quite willing to allow you to beguile
us with your charm
as we lean on your arm
Ignoring the facts that quietly persist
Behind your glance
As we frolic and dance
Are the age-old truths that forever exist
You hold in your candor
And pleasing demeanor
The power to slip from illusions of spring
As smiles turns to scowls
Warm sighs to brute howls
And winter returns for one final fling

© Janet Martin

Yes, we are in shorts and flip-flops (Emily was tubing on the river for goodness sakes!!!)
But mittens and scarves are not packed away
We know that April can pack a mean punch
And we know this weather is NOT here to stay…
So get out and enjoy it while you can!!!


  1. Love how you captured the seasons in such a creative way Janet....just wanted to apologize for being so late at commenting on your response to the tag post. I did not have access to the internet all weekend. So I just posted a comment a bit ago. Have a great week. :-)

  2. Wow... what amazing sky shots. Love them... I just loved the one where you caught the birds sitting in the tree tops.


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